Halloween 2018 Full Movie Free Download
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Halloween 2018 Full Movie Free Download HDRip

Halloween 2018 Full Movie Free DownloadHalloween 2018 Full Movie Free Download HDRip. Download Halloween 2018 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

Halloween 2018 Full Movie Free Download HDRip

Movie (878 MB) ↓

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Movie Overview

Halloween 2018 Full Movie Free Download HDRip Four decades after the 1978 murders in Haddonfield, Illinois, true-crime podcasters Aaron Korey and Dana Haines travel to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium to interview Michael Myers, who was captured after being shot and knocked off a balcony. Dr. Ranbir Sartain, who has been treating Michael since Dr. Samuel Loomis’ death, informs them that Michael is able to speak, he just chooses not to. Aaron fails to get Michael to speak, even after bringing out the mask that he wore in 1978.

Aaron and Dana then travel to Laurie Strode’s heavily guarded home to interview her, as she is the only survivor of the 1978 Murders. She has spent the last four decades preparing for Michael’s return. Laurie has since had two failed marriages. Laurie even lost custody of her daughter Karen, when Karen was just 12-years old. Aaron and Dana intend on finding out why Michael did what he did, and they ask her to meet with him in a final attempt to get him to speak before he is sent to a maximum security prison. Laurie declines and sends them away.

As patients are loaded onto the bus, Dr. Sartain insists on joining Michael. Later, the bus crashes in a ditch, the security guards are killed, and the inmates scatter about the road, allowing Michael to escape. The following morning, on Halloween, Michael finds Dana and Aaron at a gas station and kills them. Michael takes his mask from their car before returning to Haddonfield. Laurie learns about Michael’s escape and breaks into Karen’s house to demonstrate her lack of security.

On Halloween night, Michael wanders the streets of Haddonfield and murders several people. Allyson, Karen’s daughter, finds her boyfriend cheating on her. Allyson’s friends Vicky and her boyfriend Dave, are killed by Michael. The boy that Vicky was babysitting, Julian, flees as Michael attacks, and calls the police. Laurie, patrolling the streets in her truck, hears the dispatch call on her CB radio and hurries to the house, where Sheriff Frank Hawkins, who arrested Michael in 1978, finds the bodies of Vicky and Dave. Hawkins spots Michael upstairs. Laurie shoots Michael in the shoulder, causing him to retreat.

Allyson’s phone is destroyed at a Halloween dance. Allyson’s friend Oscar is killed by Michael. Allyson sees Michael, and is chased before finding refuge in a neighboring home. Allyson is then picked up by Hawkins and Sartain. Laurie, Karen, and Ray arrive at Laurie’s home. Finding Michael, Hawkins runs him over, despite Sartain’s protests. Hawkins gets out of the car to kill Michael, but Sartain stabs Hawkins in the throat, killing him. Sartain believes Michael’s mind is too fascinating to let die. He puts Michael in the car with Allyson and drives to Laurie’s house, intent on reuniting them. Allyson tells Sartain that Michael spoke to her to trick him into letting her go. Allyson flees into the woods as Michael regains consciousness and forces Sartain out of the car before crushing his skull, killing him. Michael kills two police officers outside Laurie’s home. Ray discovers the bodies, and is strangled to death by Michael. Laurie sees Michael standing outside, barricades the door, and tells Karen to take refuge in the basement. Michael smashes through the door’s glass and tries to break Laurie’s neck, but she shoots off two of his fingers.


Halloween 2018 Full Movie Free Download HDRip Halloween 2018 Full Movie Free Download HDRip

Halloween 2018 Full Movie Free Download HDRip
Full Name: Halloween 2018
Release Date: 19 October 2018 (USA)
Length: 1h 46min
Size: 878 MB
Quality: HDRip
Genres: Horror , Thriller
Language: English
Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak

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