Chaaver 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p Dual Audio
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Chaaver 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p Dual Audio

Chaaver 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p Dual AudioChaaver 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p. Download Chaaver 2023 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

Chaaver 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p Dual Audio

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Movie Overview

Chaaver 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p Ashokan, Musthafa, Asif and Thomas are political goons who are on the run after being involved in a problem. Musthafa requests Arun, a medical student and the son of a late veteran communist party leader, to provide first aid to Ashokan as he was apparently injured while trying to fix their jeep. Arun takes his friend Sooraj’s bike and reaches the location with some first-aid. Before helping Ashokan, Arun asks Musthafa and Ashokan about the injuries as the injuries aren’t due to trying to fix any vehicle, but he doesn’t get a proper answer from either of them. They promise to leave Arun after he is done applying the first-aid.

They stop the jeep in a secret location to avoid being seen by anyone while the first-aid is being applied, but they spot a group of Theyyam performers coming towards them and immediately leave the location. They reach a house and rest there for the time being as they have lunch. Arun refuses to eat with them as he is scared and doesn’t know about the happenings. As they are having lunch, Arun overhears Ashokan’s conversation between others and understands that they are on the run after killing a Theyyam performer named Kiran.

Arun later asks Musthafa about killing Kiran, where Musthafa replies that it was all for the party. Later, Ashokan tells the others that there is a problem and need to leave immediately. Before leaving, Thomas tries to dispose the available bomb by throwing it into the well, but the bomb blasts inside the well, creating further problems. The police capture Sooraj and start questioning him as his bike was present at the location where Kiran was killed, but Sooraj tells that he is unaware of what happened and refuses to reveal Arun’s name to the police. Arun manages to escape the place when the bomb blasts and reaches a house, where he asks a person living there for some water.

Meanwhile, the others get worried that Arun might reveal their details to the police and set out to find him. They find him after sometime and take him with them. Musthafa reveals to Arun that he is now at risk of being a suspect. Later that night, Ashokan calls GK and tells him to make his henchmen surrender at the police station or he will start plotting against him. Asif and Thomas then split from the group and leave home. Ashokan, Musthafa and Arun drive to a hilly region and hide inside a house to stay safe until GK sends his henchmen over to the police station.

Musthafa learns that he and Ashokan were used by GK to kill Kiran as his daughter was in relationship with Kiran, who is from a lower caste. Musthafa tells this to Ashokan who gets enraged and decide to leave the place. While they are about to leave, GK’s henchmen arrive to kill them. Musthafa gives the keys of the jeep to Arun and tells him to escape while he and Ashokan stay back to fight the goons. After a fight in the woods, Ashokan and Musthafa manage to shoot down all the henchmen before succumbing to their own injuries, while Arun successfully escapes from the hilly region.


Chaaver 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p Dual Audio Chaaver 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p Dual Audio

Chaaver 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p
Full Name: Chaaver 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p
Release Date: 5 October 2023
Length: 2h 8min
Size: 1.0 GB
Quality: HD 720p
Genres: Crime, Thriller
Language: Hindi, Malyalam
Cast: Kunchacko Boban, Antony Varghese, Arjun Ashokan

Chaver | October 5, 2023 (India) Summary: Political thugs commit an abhorrent crime, taking an innocent bystander on the run. The police chase them, and moral dilemmas arise among them. The bystander's fate remains ambiguous. Escapi... Read all
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Malayalam